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Forgetting Your Business Lane

Family Office expert Richard C. Wilson speaks about techniques that have allowed him to accelerate the growth of his businesses. Hello, this is Richard Wilson from the Family Office Club. I just wanted to record this short video on forgetting the business that you’re in. I think many people get caught up in being told that they should stick to one thing. But they make the mistake of thinking that one thing is their business category, or how people categorize them, or put them in a box for their business type, when really I think it’s much more powerful to be focused on your core competencies and your unique ability. If you’re a Dan Sullivan fan, you know exactly what unique ability is. If you don’t, I encourage you to research that or look for our other videos on that topic. But, essentially, the idea here is that you don’t focus on the function that you have in the industry, you focus on the relationship that you have, or the skillset that you have, and you build a business around that. The more that you can have your calendar focused on what you’re excellent at and you naturally are passionate about, and better than everyone else around you at with less effort, than having to do other things. That’s what you should be focusing your business platform and efforts on versus doing things that you’re just expected to do because it’s in your industry. You should be building a team and a business platform that allows you to focus on your unique ability. I think that is what’s allowed us to grow rapidly over the past couple of years. And I just wanted to share that with everybody because I think it’s relevant for whether you’re growing a business, growing an investment firm. Or if your a family office and you’re having discussions internally about what you should be allocating to, what you should say yes and no to for deals or joint venture partners. I think all that comes back to unique ability and knowing where you want to go with the assets and DNA that you and your team have. This is Richard Wilson from the Family Office Club coming to you from Columbia today, and I hope to see at our next live event. Take care.

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