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CommercialRealEstate.com Launch Announcement

Hello everyone. Richard C. Wilson here. I’m excited to welcome you to commercial real estate.com. I started negotiating the acquisition of this asset on October 12th, 2008, and now 12 years later, we have acquired it with a small group of commercial real estate investors. We are growing this platform, which is going to be parallel to the family office club, to focus just on building a high power community, focused on the commercial real estate industry. We’re going to emphasize the use of video with on member profiles and within our CRM power players mastermind group. We’re going to be building a top three community in the commercial real estate industry globally. And we’re going to be offering a place where you can list property listings, company listings, personal profile listings, membership. Social gives you access to all of those things as well as access to live, uh, webinars and live discussion panels.

Each month, we’re going to be hosting half day and full day commercial real estate summits over time. And we’re going to be emphasizing co-investing Co-GP deals, joint ventures, sorry. Seen better deal flow, better service providers we’ll have a full service provider directory listing, uh, on the platform as well, which you can see. We have already actually, we also have deep data in the real estate space. We have databases of real estate investors, family, office investors, angel investors. We have databases of wealth management firms of rates, self storage, sponsors, funds, and investment firms, senior living, office parks, et cetera, et cetera. So within almost any sector of the real estate space, we have deep data databases of contact details of firms in those areas, which comes with your CRE power player membership, or can just be purchased one off. We’re going to be updating our blog each week or launching a podcast or YouTube channel.

And we hope that you’ll be a part of the commercial real estate.com community as we grow for those of you that know me and my 15 person team we’ve spent the last 13 years growing the family office club and really focusing on community on longterm, genuine benefits, sharing specialized knowledge, sharing, best practices, templates, insights, doing many interviews, creating over 2100 video pieces of content hosting 150 live events. And we’re looking to pour that energy now into the commercial real estate space and parallel to the family office club. So I hope you’ll join us and be a part of commercial real estate.com and help make this a top three community in the industry. We have over 60,000 members registered to date through our LinkedIn group, which is the commercial real estate.com LinkedIn professional networking group. And now we’re looking to move a lot of those members to commercial real estate.com and we hope you’ll be a part of that movement.

Thanks for joining us.

If you have any questions, just send us an email@teamatcommercialrealestate.com.

– Richard C. Wilson

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