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3 Billionaire Client Examples

On a recent trip to India to speak at a couple of Family Office conferences, Richard recorded this video on 3 examples of billionaire clients our firm is currently working with. Hello, this is Richard Wilson, CEO of The Family Office Club, and I’m coming to you today from New Delhi, India. And I wanted to give you three billionaire client examples, how I found the clients, how I attracted them, closed them, what I’m doing for them. I think this is important, because people sometimes hear about us working with centimillionaires and billionaires, and they’re trying to figure out how to grow that part of the business themselves. And I just want to make it really real and tangible and just show that these are real clients. It’s not just marketing or it’s not they just sponsored one event. We really are working with them on an ongoing basis. The first example is a real estate family. I met the billionaire himself face to face at a family office cocktail session I was invited to. It was actually in the private suite at the top of a hotel in Miami. And after meeting with him he asked me to help him with two or three different projects and then I proposed to maybe that I help him run his single family office. At this point, he’s not having me help him run his single family office. He doesn’t have one at all. But I think he needs to have one in the future. He’s not yet convinced of that. But I’m able to work with him in two or three other ways. Helping him build up part of his operating business, helping keep an eye out for billion dollar plus potential joint venture partners he needs for an investment plan he has in his space. And then third helping refer deals to him that his operating businesses consistently work with all the time. This is a current client that we have under contract and working with for a few months now and really looking to grow that relationship. And long-term I want to be running his single family office. The second billionaire family, that I want to give an example of is a family that came to us through really, I guess you’d say the internet. Through LinkedIn, through our positioning on Google, just like the single family office I’m CEO of. They found our content online and then cold called, cold emailed us and we grew the relationship from there. Our agreement with them is to not be the head of direct investments for them, but to work with their CIO and showing them direct investment deal flow. They happen to be focused in the food space so we show them food related deal flow and businesses that they could acquire and own a majority controlling share of. The third example is a unusual client for us. They’re a 12th generation thousand year old family worth over $10 billion. And we met them, I guess I would say by accident, through one of their operating entities while I was visiting the country they’re based in. I was at their retail establishment and liked the product they were selling and it had a family office angle flare to it. And I liked it so much. I bought a case of it and brought it back with me to the United States and kept in touch with them over a period of five to six years. Eventually, we learned that they could use some help, some regulatory help in the United States. They needed a US based group to help them grow their business and we decided we would help them with that. We have gone through all the regulatory hurdles and been approved by the US government to help them with their operating business. And what’s great about working with family offices that I just absolutely love is that even before I could say out loud, “Hey, my plan is to help you with this so we could grow our relationship and work in additional ways that could lead to us working with your single family offices, real estate or operating business investments.”

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