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3 Things in Common with $100M+ Capital Raisers

Capital Raising expert Richard C. Wilson speaksabout the three things capital raisers with over 100 Milion in raised funds have in common. Hello, this is Richard Wilson from the Family Office Club. I’m coming to you from Portugal today. I’m just north of Lisbon by about an hour. I just wanted to talk to you about our event we had last week, CapitalCon. There is three things that all of the largest capital raisers on stage had in common, so I wanted to share those with you today, because we had 16 people on stage that all raised a hundred million and multiple billions of dollars. First thing is that nobody said it was easy, even after doing it for 10, 20, 30 years. No one said it was easy to raise that much capital day to day right now. The second thing is that everybody had their core fundamentals in place. They had their core market materials, team, offering, competitive positioning, branding, specific value to the investor they weren’t easily finding elsewhere. They had all of that in place, but also one to three unique edges to go into it. They had secure access to consistent new investors, or they had superior due diligence, or they had something that really made them stand out from the competition, and that was partially how they were able to raise capital. The combination of the fundamental core in place, and in one to three unique things that really draw the investors in to a closing. The third thing that they all had in place is that they all had the team and the metrics really dialed in, and constantly being managed. There was nothing on auto-pilot. There was nothing that once you set it and forget it, and I think that that sometimes gets forgotten, and many times in capital-raising people either forget it’s hard if they’re not the partner responsible for capital raising, or they forget that in the business of investment management, nothing happens until you get the capital raised. It’s oftentimes your fault if you don’t raise capital. You could hire a placement agent or third party marketer, or you could bring on a partner to help, but all they can do is get in front of people. They can’t make the horses drink the water. So if you’re disappointed in how a presentation went at an investor event, you’re disappointed in your partner, or you’re disappointed in your third party marketing firm or placement agent, I encourage you to look internally, because if everything was lined up and you had that core, that fundamental core rock solid, and a few unique things about you, and you had that unique edge easy to communicate to a third party, I think they probably would have raised some capital in closing investor, at least had some degree of success. This is Richard Wilson coming from Portugal, thanks for joining me today and we’ll see you on the next video.

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