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In this video recorded in Prague Richard describes our Family Office Database, why it was created, and the top few tangible reasons why our data is the most accurate and valuable possible. In short, we operate the #1 family office association and that network and understanding is something that the other media companies, and one person shops can’t match in terms of specialization. To learn more about our family office database packages please visit http://FamilyOffices.com/Buy Hello. My name is Richard Wilson, I’m CEO of the Family Offices Group, and also creator of our Family Office Database that you can see at FamilyOffices.com. What I wanted to do a short video on is why our Family Office Database is the most valuable in the industry. There’s a few really tangible reasons on why that’s the case. I think you’ll agree, it puts us in a position that no one else is in. First off, a lot of Family Office Database providers are fly by night, garage ran, one person who works at a corporation, and then by nighttime they’re selling a database they scraped together a couple years ago, and it’s probably very outdated. If you look at the about us page, and the team of the people behind most Family Office Databases, typically they don’t show pictures, they don’t show their experience, they don’t show their bio’s, and that’s because they can’t. They have a full-time job somewhere else. If their boss knew they were doing this at nighttime, it wouldn’t be good for them. Also, if you look at that about us page, most people who provide a Family Office Database, in fact everybody but ourselves, they don’t work in the Family Office industry. They’re a media company, they’re a conference company, they are a college student, they are a technology company. We are a Family Office Association. We are Family Office Advisors. If you want to see the advisory work we do, you can go to FamilyOfficesGroup.com, SingleFamilyOffices.com. You can download our report at FamilyOfficeReport.com for free. You can get our book called, The Family Office Book: Investing Capital For the Ultra Affluent. It’s the number one most popular book in the industry because we have the largest Family Office Association in the world, with over 72,000 professionals in it. The number one tangible reason of why you should get your Family Office Database from us, is that we are the only Family Office Database provider who is laser focused in the industry, and actually works in it every single day. Every day we’re meeting with Family Offices. I’m here in Prague in the Czech Republic, I just met with a Family Office yesterday. I’m going to speak at a event in Paris tomorrow, and I’m actually meeting with one of the largest single Family Offices in Europe on Thursday to talk about working together directly. You just can’t fake working in the Family Office industry full-time. These other companies typically don’t try to, they’re just technology companies. That’s the number one reason, is that we have the most relevant information, and we know what’s a Family Office, and what is not. The second reason is that we have a full-time data research team. We have a team of people who just update our databases every single day, and that’s all they do. We email Family Offices, we call them, we find their publicly available information, and we are the only database company to guarantee our data is accurate. Most other companies won’t do that. If their data is wrong, you can call them up, you can call them on it, maybe they’ll give you a partial refund. We put the pressure on ourselves by offering a four times prorated refund guarantee. Nobody else even provides a public guarantee, or a two times guarantee, publicly at least I know for sure is never offered. And, ours is a four times. Meaning that if 10% of our data is somehow outdated, inaccurate, or just wrong, you get a 40% refund on your money. This content was produced by the Family Office Club, to learn more about downloading our free book on ultra-wealthy investors and investing, to explore membership, or see when our next live events are please visit http://FamilyOffices.com If you are interested in setting up a family office solution, or getting better direct investment deal flow through our Centimillionaire Advisors, LLC division please visit http://Centimillionaires.com

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