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Family Office Investments & Portfolio Management Insights (Liechtenstein)

Bob[inaudible 00:00:01] how are you with the fundraising money, and I didn’t get a response. So I was sort of complaining and writing him a mail [inaudible 00:00:09] and then he was explaining to me that it was his group that he built up for years with a lot of personal investment and time and contacting people. And I said it’s fine if you tell me that, and I know it, even when I approached you with my team and asked you to speak at our conference. So now that he’s here, and he told me he’s living in Brazil and in Portland, Oregon. [inaudible 00:00:38] Tell us about family offices. Great, thank you. So today my goal is to share, basically, in 30 minutes, everything I know about what family offices are looking for while investing your capital. This is something that I think is of interest to many people because most fun managers I know have a few investors in their family offices but it’s happened to them by accident through a friend or through a long-term business partner. Many people see the family office area as kind of this gray mass of investors that’s a little bit hard to navigate. Hopefully this presentation will help. Standard disclaimer. First of all, my perspective, we run actually three alternative investment related associations, our family offices group – we have a family office association. It has, as of today, about 25,000 members, getting close to 30,000. Our private equity association has 55,000 members, our hedge fund association has 55,000 members. So, well over 100,000 total members that have joined our associations. People do this because it’s free to join, it doesn’t cost $3,000 a year, and we give away thousands of articles, videos, and audio interviews which are over the phone or recorded. For example, I recorded a few videos on family office best practice up by the castle yesterday, and was there recording some for the university and basically everyone who travels to Singapore, Tokyo or Brazil, we record videos that help people understand how family offices work, how the hedge fund, private equity industries work. I don’t know about you, but about 7-8 years ago, when I was really trying to learn about family offices, I just found it very hard to find any reliable information that was written on family offices, unless it was a journalist or some reason trimmed, it wasn’t really educational. So that is kind of our mission, is provide almost insulting below quality or almost university course level quality information on alternative investments in family offices. And do so in an easy to consume video format blog posts, stuff like that, and it’s been working very well. We also run some training programs, I don’t want to spend part of the 30 minutes on here. But if you visit our website it’s hedgefundgroup.org and familyofficesgroup.com, you can learn more about those if you’re interested. What I’m not, I’m not an analyst or portfolio manager, I’m not a compliance expert. Most people that I end up speaking to at conferences are experts at risk management, or portfolio management, or training. I’m an expert in marketing and capital raising, so, I can answer your questions either at the end or while I’m speaking if you have something. Our business is based in both Salao, Brazil, and Portland, Oregon. We work with clients around the world. Our team is made out of about 20 professionals and 7 of us are working full time in the business. Here is something I’m not going to spend much time on, you might recognize a couple of the symbols. Hedge fund group logo, family offices group logo. And the first thing I want to talk about is how central CPA’s are to the family office.

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