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Family Office Q & A Webinar [Recorded Live]

All right. Welcome, everybody, to The Family Office Q&A Webinar. Today, we’re going to be going through questions that you have. We’re going to be getting in a lot of questions from participants, I’m sure. I see that we’ve got a couple hundred people here on the line already. We’re also live streaming here via YouTube as well today, so welcome those who are watching along on YouTube. We’re going to be sending out a thank you email, a replay of this webinar, the recorded version, but the benefit of being here live is you’ll get to ask pretty much any question you’d like. The only questions I like to stay away from are obviously anything political or just pitching your very specific deal. That’s really not going to help anybody else who’s here on the webinar or listening to this in the future. I’d like to keep it with other people listening in mind and not pitching your very specific deal. We’re happy to answer pretty specific questions as we go. I bet we’ll get through 50 or 75 questions, if not more. We’re going to be moving quickly through about 10, 15 slides here going over some very basics about The Family Office Club, why we’re doing this, who we are, to set some context up. And then, I’m going to be going through the top questions we get every single day here at The Family Office Club. And then, we’re going to jump right into the Q&A up until about 12:45, 12:50 Eastern time. And then, we’re going to go into exactly what it means to be a member in The Family Office Club, what is charter membership, what’s included, and why we have over 800 members within the program and the platform today. All right. To begin with, I’m going to show this slide. For those of you that are just watching visually, they’ll be needing to dial into this number to get the audio feed going. Great. Before we talk about anything, we’re going to be answering questions from people all over the world. We have over 300 people logged in now, and there’s more logging in every second, so some of the answers you might not be able to use in your jurisdiction. If you’re in Malta, or Australia, or Singapore, or the United States, or Nevada versus New York, or one legal structure versus another, you should always seek counsel before taking action on anything. Also, I want to start out pointing out that my name is Richard Wilson. I’m the founder of The Family Office Club. I’ve been running it for 12 years now. The Family Office Club is a platform that helps connect family offices to each other. It helps connect those that are looking to raise capital from family offices or serve them. It provides thought leadership to people on both sides of the coin.

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