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Frequent authentic value in videos for investors on a specific position

Hello, this is Richard Wilson, CEO of The Family Office Club. We just got out of our Family Office Deal Flow Summit here in downtown Chicago. I’m just headed out to the airport here to head home, and I wanted to record this quick video about documenting your journey and putting out there authentic content. I think that the combination is frequent, focused, authentic content that genuinely adds value to a target investor audience. I think if you do that consistently, then you’re going to attract investor relationships because you’re going to really hone in on what their headaches are, what opportunities they’re looking for, what are their common challenges, and I think that a lot of people worry about production value of the videos so they end up creating nothing, and you should let your competitors worry about that. We’ve reviewed 257 pitch decks from members of The Family Office Club, and out of those 257, only three or four of them used video in their pitch deck or their one-pager. But, I just got off-stage, asking five investors if it would be valuable to see a video from the founder of a company to learn about their unique process, their secret sauce, how they add value to a space, and all of them agreed it would be highly valuable, that they rarely see it. So, if you’re out there raising capital, you need unique edges because it’s always hard and challenging, and creating videos is like communicating with an investor via text message. It’s just more effective, but almost nobody does it, and that’s why there’s value in it. So, just like I’m recording this video right now in an Uber, everybody calls Ubers these days, everybody has 10 minutes during their lunch break where they could write a short article or produce a short video or do a podcast interview for 15 to 20 minutes, etc. Time is not an excuse not to do this because it makes more effective use of your time if you’re trying to build investor relationships. If you want to learn more about this, please download our free 80-page book on capital raising at capitalraising.com, and I hope to see you at one of our live workshops soon. To see the dates for our workshops, please check out familyoffices.com. Thank you.

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