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Headaches of $100M Net Worth Clients

Hello. This is Richard Wilson, CEO of the Family Office Club. I’m coming to you from downtown Chicago, as you can see behind me. We just got done doing our Family Office Deal Flow Summit here in Chicago where we had 25 speakers on stage, 20 of which were family offices. And I gave my talk there on centimillionaire migraines. It was basically on the top seven headaches that $100 million net worth individuals and families have that can be turned from headache into strategic advantage if they are remedied and approached in the right way. So it’s just a topic and we’re going to be speaking on again at additional events that we host. And because the centimillionaire market is so large and so many people are worth $100 million don’t even know what a family office is, it’s something that we’re continually going to be creating more content on through our podcasts, through videos such as this, through our events, et cetera. Because as the number of centimillionaires and billionaires grow, the number of family offices out there and single family offices will continue to expand in Tampa. So thank you for watching this short video. If you want to check out and get access to our centimillionaire migraines presentation that I just did at the event today, please send me an email at Richard@familyoffices.com, and I’m happy to send that right over to you. If you are at the live event today, just as a reminder, there’s free resources I mentioned within the talk. The quiz to do your family office scorecard is at familyoffices.com/quiz. That single familyoffices.com/quiz. And then if you want access to the 50 kickoff questions for creating your single family office, just shoot me that email and I’ll get that over to you. Thank you for watching the video. Hope to see you at one of our live events soon. Take care.

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