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How to Raise Capital From Family Offices (Singapore Conference Video)

This video provides you with access to a 30 minute speech by Richard C. Wilson conducted at the IQPC Private Equity Conference on how to raise capital for private equity firms from family offices. The practical strategies presented here respect the privacy of family offices, and add value to them first. These tactics can be used to raise capital for other areas, and not just private equity.
Hello. I’m here with Benjamin. He’s been nice enough actually, I had to bribe him a little bit, but I’m taking his X430 downtown to go the Private Equity Summit where they talk about family office investment preferences and also how to raise a lot of capital by working with family offices in a real value-added way. So, let’s head down to the conference.

Give it a little foot. Hold to the right side.

That was pretty sweet. All right.

All right. Thank you. The first part of the title of my book is actually The Hedge Fund Book and then it’s the training manual for capital-raising professionals, but it is a book I wrote in 2010 and it’s basically where I interviewed a bunch of hedge fund executives and put my thoughts along with those into a book for Wilding. So my goal in speaking here today is to basically show you some really practical, but maybe not common talked about methods for raising capital from family offices. And specifically this is geared towards private equity funds, of course, this is the Private Equity Summit, but it is relevant to a few other types of fund management firms as well. Most of these strategies can be imported over to raising capital for other types of things for family offices.

And what our firm does is basically try to provide education resources for the industry that kind of removes some of the secrecy and kind of grayness around family offices’ capital raising in hedge funds and private equity funds and we do that in a number of ways. We’ve written over 8,000 blog posts on the internet. We’ve produced over 1,000 training videos, we’ve written close to ten books now, spoken at over 50 conferences in 15 countries and we’re just really dedicated to giving away as much as possible on these topics, because we find the more we give away on capital raising in family offices and hedge funds the more we share in knowledge, the more relationships and the more opportunities are coming to us and it just helps the whole industry.

We get two-to-four-hundred emails every day from people who have read an article that we wrote and then they have a question or they say just “thanks for the article,” etc. So, that’s the way we do business. We just try to give away a lot and it kind of comes around eventually in many unexpected ways.

Just like everything you hear at the conference, many of us from different jurisdictions so, you know, check with compliance before doing anything that I say just so you don’t get in trouble.

And this is just a quick summary again of our firm. I’m not going to spend much time on my background, just get right to the meat of what I’m going to talk about, but in my past I’ve raised over 250 million dollars from both management firms and family offices. I also have the 35,000 member family office association called Family Offices Group. We also have 77,000 members in our private equity association called The Private Equity Investment Group and they’re both free to join. I’m not trying to sell something here. They’re 100% free. You can discuss things with other people in the industry, connect with others in the industry, you can look for your next job, you can hire someone through there.

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