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On a recent trip to India to speak at a couple of Family Office conferences, Richard recorded this video on how to best handle investor relations and reporting. Hello, this is Richard Wilson from the Family Office Club, and just wanted to talk about the importance of investor reporting and how it relates to investor relations. I think that putting out reports to investors might be seen as a very boring commodity thing. And traditional fund administrators or a multifamily office accounting service firms also might be seen as a necessary evil, something that you have to pay, $2,000 to $6,000 a month for, maybe much more as you grow. But it’s not seen as a strategic advantage. And I think that if you treat your investors very well, then you’ll get referrals and they might put more money back into your shop. They want to work with credible, professionally-ran investment management, asset management companies. And I think that’s a chance to really impress investors by having excellent investor reporting and great investor relations, which means great communication. So the number of things you can look at in the investor reporting area would include how your branding is put forth through their reporting, the timeliness of your getting them the tax documents they need, the timeliness of the investment reports, the technology you can use in showing them things online that they can log in and view. The depth and the analytics of what you’re doing with your investments and what’s going on in their portfolio is something important. Also, just making sure that it’s accurate and that the accuracy and the timeliness are right on spot, so that they know you’re a reliable from overall. That all reflects well on your brand. Furthermore, the firm that you use, the name of the firm, the credibility of the firm, whether this firm is known for serving high quality institutions, and whether the investment accounting or fund administration firm really does have strengths in investor relations. Are they focused on that? Are they helping you make your investor relations program a competitive advantage in the marketplace? Or are they just checking the box and getting the reports done, and they’re just a fund accounting firm and a bunch of accountants, and they’re not really helping you push on the gas, on improving your branding in the eyes of investors. These are all really important considerations, and I think that sometimes we get lost talking so much about meeting with investors and attracting investors and building your investor funnel and raising capital, that forget it, some of the best ways to raise more capital is treat your current investors very, very well, and make sure you have an excellent reputation in the investment investor marketplace. So, this video is really just to encourage to spend more energy on your investor relations so you don’t lose current investors, and you really attract more through upselling and selling through your current clients, instead of always focusing on the front end and bringing them in the front door. I want to make sure you’re not losing them out the back door just as fast, and that you are multiplying that effect of your current investor base. So this was Richard Wilson, coming to you from India today in the Family Office Club. Thanks for joining me, and I’ll see you on the next video.

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