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Less is more credible while working with investors

Hello, this is Richard C. Wilson coming to you during a lunch break at our Chicago Deal Flow Summit behind me up there. I wanted to talk about how many times in the family office industry, less is more. Less number of deals you’re chasing at a time. Less number of strategies you employ. Less number of things you’re trying to do every day if you’ve found what’s most powerful for the use of your time. The family office Industry is about credibility and trust, longterm conviction, commitment, education, expertise. When all that comes together and someone can understand what you do, how it’s distinct from competitors, understand how you add value in that process, and the more clear you can make the better. The more believable it is, the more that people are going to move up the trust curve and you and your strategy more quickly. So, having a very simple approach that’s powerful, and elegant, and well thought out is better than having seven different approaches in four different assets of classes, and nine different geographies. It gets convoluted and hard for people to understand, and hard to believe you’re a true expert in all those different areas and all those different strategies. I hope this video was helpful for figuring out your game plan and strategy for the family office industry. This is Richard Wilson. To check out what we’re up to, please visit familyoffices.com.

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