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London Family Offices

This video talks about the state of the family office industry in London, England. London is a top 10 family office city in the world. Many global family offices that have around five offices will always have an office in London. Learn more about London family offices at SingleFamilyOffices.com and FamilyOfficesGroup.com Hello. This is Richard Wilson. I’m coming to you from London today. I’m going to talk to you about the state of the family office industry in London. The first thing you need to know about London is it’s a top five or top seven family office city in the world. It is one of the top two cities for capital markets, for New York and London. Yeah, there’s definitely some number three, four, close competitors there, but a very large financial city nationally, manages a lot of wealth for $1 billion, $100 million plus families. Another wrinkle in how London works is that a lot of Middle Eastern families and Middle Eastern money, they either have one office or their main office in London. What I’ve found is that more and more so global family offices that have three, four or five offices will always have an office in London or very nearby, so they can access London very easily. So, New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, or somewhere else in Asia, such as Shanghai. It’s usually where some of the big family office, city offices are, but it depends what industry those family offices operate in. Within London, there’s well over 500 single family offices and dozens of multifamily offices. There’s also obviously a lot of private banks and wealth management firms that focus on the top and in the marketplace, and there’s a lot of wealth being created every day and a lot of people becoming ultra wealthy in the city of London. A couple of other things related to the city. Right now, there’s still a huge number of wealthy individuals who live in London and Europe and don’t know what a family office is. A lot of them are still learning what are the differences between single-family office and multifamily office and the industry participation, self-identification, and adaptation of a holistic wealth management solution for the ultra wealthy. It’s still very much on the rise like many other places in the world. The final thing I’ll say about London is that there’s a big interest here in agricultural, hard asset, and direct investments, related investments. I just had breakfast with a $2.2 billion family office here in London, a single-family office, and their almost sole investment interest is direct investments and co-investing, and they have a big strategic focus on that. I just find that as a big theme with all my meetings here in London. So, I hope you found this helpful. This is Richard Wilson, CEO of The Single Family Office Syndicate, Billionaire Family Office, and also a head of the largest family office association, The Family Offices Group. Check us out at singlefamilyoffices.com and familyofficesgroup.com. Take care.

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