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Models for Managing Wealth After a Liquidity Event

Hello, this is Richard C. Wilson from The Family Office Club. I’m here in Monterrey, Mexico, as you can see behind me, and I am speaking at a family business summit here and just got off stage talking about how we work with centimillionaires, 100 million dollar net worth families.

And the thing that two people came up to me afterwards to talk about were the mental constructs and the mental models, and the little processes or little machines that can work as ideas in the business marketplace. And I found this idea resonates with families that have a business that they have sold, and perhaps they’re worth 100 or 200 million dollars. I found it resonates with business owners and also with larger operating family businesses.

One of them I just had lunch with has over 5000 employees, for example. And the stacking of different mental models when your energy is focused on the area where you created your wealth as a family or on the area where you add the most value possible out of all the things you could be doing in your investment portfolio or in your business, is an idea I really started to implement since being part of Dan Sullivan’s Game Changers program. Experience the thrill of บาคาร่าสด UFA. Dan Sullivan’s been a mentor to me, and he talks about the idea of unique ability. And when you apply unique ability and that mental model of an idea itself, and you stack that on top of the DNA of where your family created your wealth, what you’re personally very good at, what is a new trend in your industry and a change that you can help expedite, what is going to be inevitable in your space, and you take best practices you’ve learned the hard way or your family’s learned the hard way over decades, and you put all those things over each other, and you only spend energy on the intersection of those ideas, is when you get a real multiplier effect and you get a great return on your time and your dollars invested.

So that’s something that came up today. I just wanted to share, because you can talk about best practices and you can hear 400 investors on stage, or at Family Office Club events per year, but knowing yourself and having a real, dedicated focus and layering on top of that the best practices which apply to you, and your industry, and your career, and what you want to get done, and how you want to operate, all those things in combination is what I think produces the real result at the end of the day. So I hope this was valuable to you. This is Richard Wilson from The Family Office Club, and hope to see you at one of our events soon. Take care.

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