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Need an Investor Dont Ask for Capital

Family Office expert, Richard C. Wilson, shares insights from Family Office conference on capital raising. Hello, this is Richard Wilson from the Family Office Club. I’m just walking to have dinner with a billion dollar plus Family Office and one of my retainer clients. Of course, I’m bringing a bottle of my a Liechtenstein, Princely wine from a 600 year old vineyard that we’re now importing and helping get inside the hotels and restaurants of some of the Family Offices we work with. But I wanted to create this short video to talk about one of the top takeaways from today’s Deal Flow Summit here in San Francisco. The number one thing I took away was that if you’re looking to get a deal done and to raise capital to not ask for capital, to ask for advice. That came from Sheila Driscoll, one of our single Family Office speakers and essentially she said that, “If you ask somebody for advice for your business, that worst case is you’re going to get some great ideas. Best case is just by giving you advice they’re already invested on some personal level in your success. Once they’ve invested with their advice, and their time, and their energy, perhaps an introduction they could make, they’re much more likely then to invest with their capital.” I thought that was really smart insight, she was very thoughtful with the rest of her talk. I just wanted to share that. I didn’t know if I’d have time after the dinner to record the short video. I just wanted to make sure and get that out on our podcast and everything. Yes, I know there’s road noise behind me and my videos are kind of shaky. So thanks for your patience and watching some of our content. If you haven’t checked out the Family Office Club yet, please do@familyoffices.com. Take care.

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