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Rising Above the Noise

Richard C. Wilson shares some tips and tools on how to position your firm to stand out, and rise above the noise. Hello, this is Richard Wilson, coming to you from Key Biscayne Florida, and I just wanted to record this quick video about Rising Above the Noise. I actually did a video recording, for a show called Power Players with Grant Cardone, which is a top five thought leader and guru within the sales training space right now. Luckily he’s based right here in Miami Beach, so I got an invitation from his private jet pilot actually, who invited me to speak. I definitely said yes, of course, and the next week were in the studios and we did the recording just yesterday and it went great, and one thing I got over and over again from their branding and their approach to marketing in growing their own business and doing their own sales work, is to really rise above the noise and get noticed within their niche. And in an industry like sales training, where you have literally a thousand competitors, I think that can be very challenging to do. So, looking at how Grant does it, I think it’s pretty informative. He is very prolific, he has three or four different video and audio production shows going out per week, he has a very professionalized studio, so he’s putting out the prolific volume, but also at a high production quality. Something that, birds in the background right now and you might be able to hear some faint music from the the office building here, there’s this plane looping all day, maybe we could work on ourselves, honestly. But, it’s interesting in looking at the number of books he’s publishing, the public positioning he’s doing and just seeing the strategies he’s using. And, I just wanted to put out this video so that if you’re a Family Office and you have several different business entities, or if you have one operating business and you’re watching this because you either work in the Family Office space or you’re in one of our own sales or business training programs, that spending time investing and how do you stand out with a different pricing model, a different business model, different joint venture partners, different people on your advisory board or your team, different marketing model or more thought leadership in the competition, I think it is always great time spent. Just like figuring out what your sandboxes and your customer avatar and what choke points you want to control, figuring out how do you rise above the noise, how do you not just blend in and be average and gray, I think is relevant to all the audiences that listen to our different brands within Wilson Holding Company, including those that are going to be at our full day, eight hour Capital Raising Workshop next week. We’re going to talk about if you’re a fund manager or a Family Office and you want to rise above the noise, how do you do that? Is it with your branding? Do you charge a performance only fee and skip the management fee and say, “Don’t pay us, if we lose you money one month or one quarter, just pay us when we’re making you money.” Or is it a model that I heard about recently where someone is going to actually give their investors they’re managing money for, an actual small percentage of equity in their firm as a reward for being in one of their first 20 or 50 wealth management customers, which I thought was pretty innovative and interesting strategy to pursue. So, this is Richard Wilson, CEO of the Family Office Club. We also run businesstraining.com. Check out that at familyoffices.Com, as well. I just wanted to record this short video just to encourage people and to spend a lot of time on this, and if you need help or feedback on any ideas, feel free to shoot us an email, I’m happy to provide help and feedback that way on a niche if you’re stuck on how to rise above the noise.

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