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Sending the Sizzle

Family Office expert, Richard C. Wilson, speaks about grabbing the attention of investors with concise marketing materials. Learn more at www.FamilyOffices.com Family Office expert, Richard C Wilson, speaks about the importance of integration and integrity to drive your business forward. Hello, this is Richard Wilson of the Family Office Club. I’m coming to you from Las Vegas today. We finished up our thousand-person family office super summit yesterday. Onstage was a multibillion-dollar single family office that owns the mall of America. And on that, we were talking about the point of being brief with your marketing materials if you’re trying to get the attention of investor. IRS summed it up simply and said, “Send me the sizzle because I don’t have time to read a 50-page PowerPoint or a 20-page document.” And essentially what we’re hearing over and over again is that the busiest, most valuable investors are getting way too much thrown at them. And if you can’t say in a single sentence what you’re doing and how you’re different and how you’re unique and a value to them in a way that’s relevant because you’ve taken the time to get to know them or at least look at their website and their history of investing, then you’re just dead in the water and you’re just noise and static and an annoyance instead of a potential source of value. So, only send the sizzle when talking to potential investors and keep things very concise. This is Richard Wilson from the Family Office Club, and hope to see you at one of our future events.

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