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The Holy Grail of Capital Raising

Family Office expert, Richard C. Wilson, speaks about thought leadership and how it ties with Capital Raising. Learn more by attending our Capital Raising Bootcamps and visiting familyoffices.com. Hello, this is Richard from The Family Office Club, coming to you from Houston today. I’m actually on a lunch break, hosting our Family Office Energy Summit in this building here behind me. We’re up on that 49th floor. And I want to do a quick video on some comments that were just made at our conference. One is that last year, or earlier this year, at our Capital Con event, Mona Marquardt, from Fortress Investments, who has raised over $20 billion with her team, and that’s billion with a b, it’s one of the top capital raising teams in the country in terms of their track record of doing so, she was quoted on stage as saying that thought leadership is the holy grail of capital raising. I think that’s interesting ’cause most people, when I ask them what they’re using to raise capital, they send me a 60-page pitch deck, maybe a one-pager, perhaps they have a website. Most people do not even have thought leadership. And here is somebody who has raised over $20 billion saying it’s the holy grail. I love that, because at our capital raising boot camps, we talk about it a lot. At our same event here today, we had Dan Farrell on stage, who manages a multi-family office that’s global. He talked about identifying world-class people, and how you can quickly assess who is world class. And I do feel like, from a distance, through social media, through email, thought leadership can position you as world class. It shows you’re dedicated to your craft, that you know your stuff, you’re adding value first, that helps you stand out. Also in the room today, we had a $3.5 billion multi-family office based here in Houston. I had never met them before. They were introduced to us by a centi-millionaire, single family office here in the city that is speaking at our even today. He said, “This is my first event, but I like a lot of the stuff being said on-stage, and I agree with the comments earlier in the day that what we’re trying to do is put our clients with some of the best investment managers and investments possible. And with all the deal flow we see, it’s hard to tell who that best group is.” But one thing they look for is true expertise and a very focused, niche area, so that they can pick it apart as being something unique in the marketplace. So I thought all three of those points went nicely together, and they also are very much in line with the strategies in my book on capital raising, which is free to get. It’s not a sales pitch. You can just download it for free at capitalraising.com. This is Richard Wilson from The Family Office Club, and I hope to see you at one of our events soon. To see our schedule, please visit familyoffices.com.

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