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Trust is Everything When Investing

Hello, this is Richard C. Wilson, founder of the Family Office Club and Six Millionaire Advisors coming to you from downtown San Francisco. We’ve got a few hundred people up here at my private investor summit I’m hosting today. I just wanted to share a comment on how the whole investment industry and the Family Office space runs on trust. Everyone wants to get high conviction, high trust. The team is more the most important. They have to trust the team. The track record adds to the trust, et cetera. It was interesting, because on one of the discussion panels with Family Offices, one of the Family Offices said that they will only reply to emails where there is a referral or a sense of high trust. How do you instill that sense of high trust? Because many people getting started in the space aren’t starting out with hundreds of people referring business to them or they would already be managing $1 billion or several hundred million dollars. All of it is about 30 different ways you can genuinely add value to investors along the way while building trust with them. At the end of the day, that’s what’s most central. If you’re an investor listening to this, you know that you’re not comfortable unless you really trust how the value is added, how the strategy works, what the team’s background is, that they have a good, solid, sustainable, strategy that’s going to do okay through a downturn or an economy that is unpredictable. I think that if you look at the trust you need to have in the team, the strategy and the industry they’re in and look at it in that way and segment it that way and really focus on getting to know them, the industry and the exact opportunity by seeing the asset in person and conducting thorough due diligence, then that can help speed up and make more holistic your due diligence processes. We have other videos on both topics. The three trust curves for those raising capital as well as the importance of due diligence and different due diligence tips. If you want to check out that content, please visit centimillionaires.com for investors or familyoffices.com if you’re someone raising capital or looking to work with other Family Offices. I hope you found this valuable. The topic of trust just comes up so often, I wanted to make, create a video on it just to try to put some extra attention on how important that is and how central it is, so people that realize that their personal integrity and their business, their life, their team, their core values, their family office, their deal flow, their track record. The integration and integrity of all those things is what builds a great foundation of trust. When you do something very consistently and you’re committed to your craft for a long period of time and people see you working in a space for over a decade in a consistent way and a consistent fashion, treating everybody with respect and doing things in a classy, professional way, it adds momentum to everything you do. If anything’s out of line, it pulls away and people don’t know if they can trust you or not. This is Richard Wilson, hope to see at one of our events soon, so we can shake hands and meet in person. Thanks for watching our content.

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