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We Can’t Do Your Capital Raising Pushups

Richard C. Wilson discusses some top used strategies you can use in your daily capital raising activities. Hello, this is Richard Wilson coming to you from Key Biscayne, Florida and the Family Office Club, and I want to talk to you real quick about one of the biggest challenges we have running the Family Office Club, and that is that like last week we had 375 people in Times Square for our Family Office Deal Flow Summit. Just yesterday we got in over 600 emails. Some days we get 1,500 emails in a day. We just hired our third person this year, and we interviewed another one yesterday. We’re looking to add five people in 2016 to our team here, and even though we have all of that going on in terms of the team size, the amount of communication, serving all of you in a way that you find genuinely valuable, serving all of you in a way that you find generally valuable is obviously impossible. There’s a lot of different requests that come in, but the number one most challenging one is people who say, “I have this real estate fund. I’m an independent sponsor. I focused on health care, ” or, “I have this portfolio of hotels, and all I need is those 20 investors or those 50 investors that say they want greenfield development or say they want oil and gas in Oklahoma or say they want …” And it’s very challenging to satisfy all those demands and requests because we’re not known for oil and gas in Oklahoma. We’re not known for Greenfield filled development investment projects. We’re not known for hotel investments. I want to go through how we’re solving this challenge and then also explain why it is hard for us to play that role. First, we’re trying to solve it in as many ways as possible. We’re coming out with an excellent book on capital raising. We’re going to be releasing that through capitalraising.com soon. At our events, we have people on stage saying, “Here’s what we want to invest in. Please send us these things,” and we’ll have 30 investors on stage telling you what they want to be pitched, and they come to our events to get pitched on investments. We share videos like this, giving advice. We do capital raising boot camps with 50 different strategies on how to raise capital faster and add more strategies to your arsenal of raising capital from investors. We also provide investor databases on family office, databases.com and these are databases we’ve updated continuously for seven years now on single-family offices, family offices, real estate investors, institutional investment consultants, pension funds, et cetera. On top of all that, we also have training programs on private equity, the qualified family office professional program, and many other programs on financetraining.com, so we try to provide all those resources. We try to be very educational and helpful with books such as our book over here, The Single Family Office. It’s a 300-page book I wrote. I spent 700 hours writing it. It has 30 video modules, 30 audio interviews with different single-family offices from around the world, and I feel like we do give a lot of genuine value. I mean, obviously we do or I wouldn’t have people coming to our events and calling us and emailing us all the time, but the big challenge that I wanted to communicate here is that those of you looking for those family offices that would invest in your golf project or your impact investment, I really don’t think you should be looking for someone else to do your pushups for you. For sure, you should be planting seeds for people to keep you in mind for those looking for hotel development investments in Miami. I think there’s nothing wrong with that and for sure that is a good smart business thing to do. That’s how you build your network and get known for that niche offering of self-storage or whatever your niche is.

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