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What is a Centimillionaire?

Hello, this is Richard C. Wilson coming to you from Georgia, the country of Georgia, that is, which is near Armenia and Turkey, and I’m going to record a short video on what is a centimillionaire. Essentially, just like a billionaire being worth $1 billion-plus, a centimillionaire is somebody worth $100 million-plus in net worth. Centimillionaires often have their own family offices. They’re often referred to as the ultra-wealthy, but technically ultra-wealthy means you’re worth $30 million or more. And many times you can have a multi-family office starting at just 7 million, 10 million in net worth, and you might be using a multi-family office all the way up to 30, 50 million or even 100 million-plus. But as you get close to 100 million net worth, you’re more than likely going to need a single-family office solution of some type. So that is the definition of a centimillionaire. I hope that helps. To learn more, please visit centimillionaires.com. Thank you.

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