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Arbitrage of Information

Hello, this is Richard Wilson. I’m the CEO of The Family Office Club and I just had coffee with a billionaire here in Mayfair just outside of downtown London. We’re here for a small workshop that The Family Office Club is hosting tomorrow and I wanted to record a short video on the topic we were just talking about, which I think is relevant to almost everyone in the club. We were talking about the arbitrage of information and what is really needed in the family office industry and one thing that’s really consistent is that there is a desire to be more private the wealthier you are, typically. There are the Richard Branson’s of the world, but typically the wealthier you are, the more private you tend to want to be. A decamillionaire is not as private as a centimillionaire on average and a billionaire is more private than a centimillionaire, on average. And so what happens is that less people share best practices, less people share what they’re learning. Less people share case studies the wealthier they are and the more successful they are. And what that means for family offices is that it might be very hard to know what your peers are up to, to know what best practices to emulate or to be modeling after. And the result is, if you think about it, that the more wealth you have, the more that a small mistake could cost you $100,000 or $1 million. Or just costs you a lot of time and that opportunity cost is almost impossible to calculate. So what happens when you combine those two facts that the wealthier you are, the smaller the mistake is going to be still very expensive and the wealthier you are, the more private you are means that there’s this massive inefficiency of the centimillionaires and the billionaires valuing very highly any information that helps them use their time better, manage their portfolio of operating businesses better, acquire real estate assets at a better price, acquire better quality assets or acquire better talent for their team and no one is providing them with that help or there’s a relative lack of information in that area. I think this is great to know for those that want to build their deal flow, connect with other families, be helpful to the family office community, and it can be adapted to those that are raising capital to find that arbitrage within your niche. What are people not sharing that you could share and would save them a lot of grief, and cost, and time? And on the family office side, what could you do to build your private family office network by being more open and less close vested in a way that still protects the privacy of your family. So this is Richard Wilson. I hope you enjoyed this quick update here from London I and hope to see you at one of our next events. Take care.

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