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Specialization in the Family Office Industry

Hello, this is Richard Wilson coming to you from London today. I’m CEO of the Family Office Club. And when I talk about specialization within the family office industry, the whole industry globally is becoming more mature. It’s much more mature in Western Europe and the United States. And as it becomes more mature globally, this idea is going to become more and more relevant. And the idea is that specialization is rewarded and valued the more family offices are started and that exist globally. The reason is very natural and intuitive, is that if you’re a manufacturing family, you’re going to enjoy, all else equal, trading stories, case studies, deal flow, and due diligence processes with a manufacturing family. Also, if you are looking for someone to manage your self-storage investments, then you’re going to trust someone who’s very specialized in only doing self-storage for the past 20 years. Third, another example, is that if you are growing a multifamily office, and you’re looking to attract more clients and the space is becoming more crowded, people are more likely going to engage with you if you are a family office that only serves people just like you, and they know how to manage your type of risks, speak your lingo, meet you where you are at mentally, serve the type of needs that you have and services you demand, but also have cures to the common migraines that only come with being the type of high-net-worth prospect, or ultra-wealthy prospect, that that person might be. So in each case, whether you’re a multifamily office, a single family office looking for deal flow, a investment manager of some type trying to attract investors, such as a family office, being highly specialized is what’s rewarded because there’s more and more noise and people don’t want the generic solution. They want the specialized professional who’s really committed, so they can have a real high conviction level in that person or that solution. So I hope this short note on the growing value of specialization was helpful. This is Richard Wilson at the Family Office Club, and hope to see you soon. Take care.

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