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The Importance of Integration

Hello, this is Richard Wilson, Family Office Club CEO and I recorded this short video on the importance of integration and integrity. Most people mistake hearing integrity just as like moral integrity, but I’m talking about really integrating all the different inputs that you can to drive your business forward. I’m about to do a presentation on this at Family Office Super Summit in just a couple of minutes. But the whole presentation is about how if you constantly are trying to improve your inputs by going to events like the Family Office Club events or reading better books or listening to better podcasts or hanging out with people that are going to help you grow, then at some point you’ll have so many positive inputs that that’s no longer the limiting factor. At some point, there’s going to be so many positive inputs that it’s really integrating everything that you already know and what you’ve already learned and really focusing your energy on integrating those things to get to a certain destination you’re trying to go to. The integration becomes more valuable than just adding more and more and more inputs because at some point, you just can’t integrate all those inputs. That’s what I’m presenting on today. I really think that if people combine having a laser focus on your unique ability and you find a very unique to be number one in something for a very specific someone, in terms of a type of investor segment or type of client, and you combine that with really integrating all the positive inputs that you’re adding into your business, career and your life, that I think it makes all the difference on moving past your competition and making it be so that you’re not really competing with anybody head to head because of all those maneuvers that you’ve made and that unique position that you’re pointed in now. I hope you found that valuable and I hope to see you in a few minutes at the Family Office Super Summit. Take care.

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